At HAROLD'S Travel, we can help you make all your travel and vacation plans with low rates and travel plan specials.

At HAROLD'S Travel part of our proven formula is an excellent agent to client ratio. Proper staffing coupled with state of the art voice and electronic communications systems, make transactions quick and accurate. Each HAROLD'S Travel professional has direct voice mail, a personal email address, and the web at their fingertips. Computer "Preference Profiles" created for each of your travelers eliminates repeated requests for credit card and frequent flyer numbers, seating choice, etc.

Tom Hanson, President
4021 S. Grange Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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4021 S. Grange Ave. * Sioux Falls, SD. * 57105
(605) 336-2931 * Toll Free at 1-800-605-8747 * Fax (605) 336-1209
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